Modernly Fashionable BERTA Wedding Dresses 2018 Seville Collection

BERTA is back and here to present a modern, fashion-forward collection for us to daydream about. The 2018 Seville Collection brings elements of sophistication and glamour, with a bold artistic approach to intricate design. This collection is unlike any other — each design combines many different fabrics with embellishment, allowing these gowns to truly emulate what bridal couture is all about. “The glamorous theme of sparkle and shine mixed with classic, timeless silhouettes creates a beautiful versatility. It’s unique to find such vintage styles with new and exciting fabrications.” BERTA is proud to present such a unique collection inspired by the very raw materials that are behind it. It all comes down to the luxurious fabrics that were flawlessly created to support the glamorous, regal-like vibes of this stunning collection!

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