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Essay Help

An essay is a piece of writing to reflect the writer’s point of view on a specific topic involving a thesis statement. The word has been coined from the Latin word, exagium which means presenting a case. Writing an essay helps in establishing a point of view in order to persuade the reader. Writing essays forms a major part in the academic career of a student. Every other university has assessments where a student is required to write an essay on a particular topic. Sometimes the topic is provided by the professor and on some occasions, the student is asked to choose a topic. Writing an essay is not limited to a particular subject.

Due to certain exigencies, students have been looking out for essay help in order to complete their assignment tasks. has been providing essay writing help since the past 10 years.

What is the importance of writing an essay as explained by the essay help experts?
As per our essay help experts, essay writing helps in developing some important skills and functions. There are certain transferable skills which get developed while writing an essay like reading and making notes, inculcating critical thinking, organization of ideas, laying arguments and building communications.

It helps a person in developing a formal and disciplined approach while writing which can communicate clearly with the reader. It helps to explore and consolidate what one has learned.

Being expressive is one of the outcomes of writing an essay and makes a student think logically. When one tries to express, it also helps him to be creative, providing perfect expressions to his imaginations in the form of words increases his creativity.

Writing an essay may seem essay but the real difficulty arises in assembling and arrangement of the content to form a good essay. Creating flow is an art which is difficult to gather as suggested by essay help writers. Everybody can write but writing a quality work in academics is the only criteria to fetch good grades. The below snap shot details the skills that a student needs to showcase in an essay assignment. The snapshot is a marking criteria basis which an essay will be marked by an individual professor. Different skills like being critical, logical, argumentative, etc. has been given a weight.

Essay Help

Therefore it is necessary for students to take essay help before writing an essay. Seeking an essay help will not only improve the grades but it will help the student to inculcate all the skills as mentioned above.

Structure of an essay
Academic essay writing involves a logical flow of arguments providing a perfect sense to the person reading the essay. There are different types of essay and each of them has a definite structure. There are a number of information’s to be included in an essay like presenting an argument, analyzing the data, countering the arguments and adding the conclusion. A typical essay will include an introduction, body and conclusion. But placement of the other information’s in the main body part is a concern wherein essay help may come into action.

Before writing an essay it is important to answer certain questions which can be asked by your professor. The first question that may arise is, ‘What is the evidence to prove your thesis statement?’ To answer this question one needs to examine the gathered evidences to prove the statement. So after writing the introduction, the answer to the above question can be placed.

The second question is, ‘How do you justify the evidence challenging your thesis statement?’ There will be evidences challenging the thesis statement and one must be able to counter those challenges through the content. This section should come after one has answered the, what question.

The last question is, ‘Why do you think your interpretation of the topic will help others?’ Here one needs to justify the significance of the thesis statement. Though this question is to be answered in the introduction part but it is justified to provide its detailed significance towards the end of the essay.

In a gist, the introduction will state the thesis statement in one or two sentences followed by its importance. The points which will be covered in the essay have to be included. Each argument will be included in a fresh paragraph followed by an appropriate conclusion. is considered as one of the best essay writing service due to its unique structured papers.

What are the different types of essay?
There are different types of writing an academic essay depending on the goal that a writer needs to achieve like is he looking to share an experience, explain a concern, describe something, or to persuade the reader to accept his views. The different forms of essay have been explained below:

  • Descriptive essay: It is used to provide details about the subject including its object and features. The description will include its look, smell and working. This essay requires a lot of detailing so that the reader can imagine and experience the same thing that the writer has experienced. Check our descriptive essay help sample paper for better understanding of the content.
  • Definition essay: The focus of this type of essay is to define the subject focusing on certain things and origins. This type of essay tries to provide an explanation which more than one can find in a dictionary. Here you need to explain what do you understand from it, how is it perceived by people and how it is associated. Generally definitions are short but one needs to go in depth to write this form of essay for e.g. discussing of topics related to philosophy or abstract or creative topics.
  • Compare and contrast essay: This essay incorporates the difference similarities between two subjects, things, events, etc. The writer should provide a clear demarcation so that the reader can easily understand the common and un-common things about the subject matter. The writer should be well aware about the two subjects being compared to justify the detailing. The subjects in such essays may seem similar but in reality they are not. The essay help sample paper will guide you on how to write this type of essay.
  • Narrative essay: When an essay aims to tell a story or an event involving certain person or characters, it is a narrative essay. The subject may include a movie review, visiting a place, describing an event, etc. In such essays, the writer needs to express what he felt, how did it affect, what did he like, etc. Usually such essays are written using first person pronoun. The essay will have a beginning followed by the events.
  • Cause and effect Essay: In this type of essay the content focuses on event and its result. Here the writer needs to establish the causes that have led to such results. If there are more than one cause and result then the writer needs to deal with it separately. The writer needs to establish a logical connection between both the points. There are subjects having many causes but with a single result like the, ‘Involvement of United States in the First World War’ here there are multiple causes but a single result. Although being involved in the war brought many effects on US, here there is one cause but with multiple results.
  • Process essay: This essay has a similarity with the cause and effect essay. By the word itself it may be understood that the writer has to follow a process while writing the essay. The subject in this essay is explained bit by bit in the correct order in order to avoid mixing up. There should be chronological flow of information. always follows the process while writing the content of an Essay help paper.
  • Argumentative essay: These essays are helpful for a student studying at any level of education. The final goal of such essay is to convince the reader to accept and believe the writers point of view. It is a tough job to operate the mind of the reader through content but it is an art which has to be showcased in this type of an essay. The essay has to include a firm language, facts to prove, accurate information so support the arguments. If the last points are not included in an argumentative essay then it will not persuade the reader. Uncertain facts should not be included and the writer should be ready to answer back the counter questions. This type of essay helps the writer to express his opinion basis some solid reasons, the more information the writer includes to support his points the more impactful impression it will have on the readers view point.
  • Critical essay: It focuses on the strong and weak points of the subject under consideration. It brings out what is good or bad about the subject matter. They basically deal about how something has been done or documented. The essay would be able to evaluate whether a thing has been done properly or not, whether it is appealing or not, was the message conveyed or not, etc. Critical essay does not mean criticizing a thing rather the evaluation is to be critical and it can be only done with deep and clear understanding.
  • Expository Essay: Such essay includes estimation about the subject from the writer’s point of view. Extensive research is required which must be supported with the experience of the writer. The writer while writing such an essay can learn how to organize the essay. Adding your personal experience can provide a new contribution to the subject. In research assignments certain statements are supported by evidences, the writer’s need to give his opinion on the statement taking support from some other evidences.
  • Persuasive essay: These are opposite to argumentative essays. It aims at changing the reader’s point of view completely after reading the views of the writer. It is one of the strongest and difficult essays to write which requires much greater understanding and skill to criticize other’s work. It deals with topics which are relevant in today’s world. Writing a persuasive essay reflects that the writer is strong in a particular subject and his opinion is correct. When the content losses its strength, the reader may also feel dejected. The content may include emotions along with moral values.

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Getting to write an essay in an assessment is not an easy task. The student may get overjoyed when he is tasked to write an essay but the real task comes when the student literally sits down to write the essay. Segregation of relevant content from the research made and shaping the content to give a logical flow of ideas is one of the toughest jobs while writing an essay assignment. If a student thinks that he requires a help, Total assignment help is here to help him. Our essay help will guide the student in preparing his essay through the following features:

  • Relevant content in the essay help paper: The essays being delivered by justifies the topic in question. Relevancy is one of the top most criteria’s which has to be met by our writers.
  • Formatting: The essay will follow the format as prescribed by a particular university or as per the format requested by the student. In case there is no update about the format then the writer will use the standard format that is followed by a majority of universities.
  • Editing and proofreading: has an internal team to verify the essay help paper being delivered by our writers. They not only check the grammatical errors but they also check the completeness of the essay writing help in terms of relevancy, referencing, formatting, and plagiarism.
  • Non-copied content: has been into delivering essay writing help since a long time. There is possibility of giving same essays to be written by a single writer but every essay delivered has an original and unique content. We do not believe in the concept of paraphrasing the entire assignment content for different students being aware about the consequences of such act. The essay help paper being delivered by our writers are passed through plagiarism checker software in order to verify the originality.
  • Rework and revision: In case a student is not satisfied with the content of his essay help assignment, he may without any hesitation contact our 24*7 customer care executives. He can update us about his problems and we will readily help him with a revised version of the essay as to achieve students satisfaction is our ulterior motive.
  • Reasonable rates: Our rates are negotiable and we do not compromise on the quality in case we are not given the price quoted by us. Our prices are based on the budget of the student and it differs as per the complexity of the task.

Essay is all about words and arguments that make sense to the reader reading it. It is not an easy task and requires extensive practice. To influence others through a piece of writing is an art and an important skill to learn. Once you have tried yourself and you did not get good results, try our essay help and see the difference. The essay help provided by us will make you a better and expressive writer in future.

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